BSB and UGP star Glenn Irwin looks forward to a mega year

Ulster Grand Prix Interview series: Q&A with Glenn Irwin, winner of Ulster Grand Prix 2014.
Hello Glenn thanks for taking time out to speak with me today.

No worries at all.

How are preparations going for the up and coming season?

It’s going really good, been timed circuit training against the clock and picking up speed and the time. Business wise I would say I’m ready. Training is harder but I’m taking more recovery days than usual which has definitely been beneficial.

Where is the next race on your busy schedule?

The MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship at Donington Park on the Easter weekend, it will be come around so fast.
How do you prepare for each race, and keep your cool during it? Preparation is the hard work. Keeping really hydrated and physically prepared is 90% of it, and that helps your mental side. An hour before each session I listen to music to chill out and get into the zone, my biggest calm down before a race is listening to Bob Dylan, Bill Collins and older music is more my style.

What’s been happening in your career since the start of 2015?

A lot more sponsorship deals firstly, like the recent deal I signed with the Ulster Grand Prix. I’ve got some really good loyal support with corporate sponsorship and followers. With this it’s important to keep a lot of contact with your sponsors, especially with logos and designs on your helmet and equipment. I also picked up a couple of new sponsors in the mainland so going great so far.

Are you excited about this year’s Metzeler Ulster Grand Prix?

Yes can’t wait, it’s special to me as it’s the first road race I ever did. There would be something wrong if I wasn’t excited. It’s a fantastic road surface at the Ulster Grand Prix and as a short circuit race it’s great. You can see the crowds getting bigger every year and I recommend anyone to race it or come down and watch it! There are a lot of talented drivers and it’s faster, scarier than anything else and more thrilling. If you crash it’s more down to driver error at the Ulster Grand Prix than anything else.

What have been your UGP highlights so far? I had no expectation to win but was delighted with how I did. I had little experience in road race so going quicker and everything was new, but I’m looking forward to doing it again.

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself or someone starting their career in motorsports?

I would say be patient, I think put massive effort in and it’s possible!

The days before you become a professional in any sport you have to make a big investment yourself, it gets to the point you think this is crazy spending, but it will come together if you have the ability and the drive – as you progress it gets easier. In NI if you are standing out people will notice, this is a great country for sport and there’s brilliant support here. Cross your T’s and dot your I’s, it will come together, it’s so frustrating at times waiting, but the job gets easier.

Thank you for taking you time to talk to me today.

No worries will catch up with you in a month.

Victoria Bailey conducted this interview. Victoria is a Post Grad Chartered Marketing student with the Charted Institute of Marketing. Victoria is currently assisting in the development of the UGPs social media presence.

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