New game gives fans a chance to ride the MCE Ulster Grand Prix circuit

Ride 2, the latest in motorcycle racing video games that hit the shelves on October 7th, includes the MCE Ulster Grand Prix circuit as a feature track giving motorcycle and gaming fans everywhere the chance to virtually ride the world’s fastest road race.

With the game billed as having ‘the tracks of the wildest and most exciting races of all time’, the MCE Ulster Grand Prix circuit has been described as one of the stand out track additions.


Ride 2 builds upon the original Ride game released last year and features over 200 bike models, 30 different tracks, 18 of world’s most important motorcycle manufacturers and much more.


Developers of Ride 2 Milestone and Square Enix said, “Ride 2 is all about delivering more to fans – more bikes, more tracks, and even more game modes to play with, now increased to 15. If Ride had already got you used to taking on some of the most challenging and famous tracks, Ride 2 won’t fail to shock you once again!


“There are now 30 world-renowned tracks to race through, with new legendary circuits and different types of tracks. Following widespread clamor from the community, Road Race Tracks such as Nürburgring Nordschleifeand and Ulster Grand Prix will be included, along with the Supermoto Circuits such as Castelletto di Branduzzo, Ottobiano and Franciacorta.”


If you are interesting in riding the Ulster Grand Prix Circuit or one of the less exciting tracks Ride 2 is available on PlayStation®4, Xbox One® and Windows PC/STEAM™.


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