Noel Johnston – Keep ‘er Lit – 14.08.14

As I write this week’s blog I am sitting in the paddock of the Worlds Fastest Road Race, and in the thick of it all.

Teams are setting up around me and preparing to take on the ultimate challenge of racing the Dundrod circuit.

Along side my blog, I’m also adding the final touches to the riders briefing’s ahead of today’s early start. 

With 15 countries represented on the grid I’m certainly having to do a little head scratching – but in a good way. It’s fantastic to see such a representation and after all I have the help of a hard working interpreter to ensure all runs smoothly.

I want to mention my two hard working assistants, Eddie Johnston and Mark Sanlon, who assist me in my role and help to make it a little bit less stressful.

I’d like to also say a big thanks to all those hard working volunteers who have spent over a month setting up the course in rain, hail and sunshine!

Of course the question on everyone’s lips is ” the weather” and all I can say is keep your finger crossed! I have it in good authority that it is to become more settled and the sun may even make an appearance. Just look at last year, heavy rain all morning and then by the afternoon it was sun cream and sunglasses weather!

The good news is that we have decided not to use the flexible road closing order introduced this year, and will be running as scheduled on each day this week.

Finally, I would urge all race fans to obey roadside marshals, tune into radio UGP 107.8 FM and enjoy the epic showcase of racing that the week ahead has to offer.

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