Where passion meets performance: Metzeler, title sponsor of the Ulster Grand Prix

Metzeler, the motorcycle tyre manufacturer with a reputation for its cutting edge technology, is now in its third year in pole position as title sponsor of the World’s Fastest Road Race, the Ulster Grand Prix.

On the eve of Bike Week 2015, we asked Simon Carter, Marketing Manager at Metzeler about what the event means to them.


He said: “It’s safe to say that within Metzeler, the Ulster Grand Prix invokes immensely strong and genuine passion. This will be my first year at the event – and I can’t wait – but the feedback from my colleagues in Italy is that they return from Dundrod each year completely blown away by what they have witnessed.


“During our three year tenure as title sponsor, Metzeler has seen and benefitted from the immense efforts that the organising team have collectively invested to increase the awareness and audience for this unique event, and we really appreciate all the hard work that goes into making the event happen.


“The Ulster is important to us, it’s a fantastic platform for us to demonstrate our commitment to road racing and also to strengthen our messaging about where our products are derived and used.


“Feedback from the UGP and other events really help us shape our new products – for example, our cutting edge Supersport tyre, the Metzeler Sportec M7RR, was designed to give excellent grip, stability and wet performance in the most tricky road conditions. It was born on road circuits such as Dundrod, and with the feedback and input of many of our sponsored riders.


“Our partnership with the Ulster Grand Prix is the perfect way to share content and activities to ensure we unite the UGP, road racing and Metzeler fans across the world.


“We enjoyed our most successful TT ever a few weeks ago, with four victories and 11 podiums. It was a truly spectacular week and we are hoping for continued success with Metzeler riders this August in Dundrod.


“I’d like to wish all competitors and fans a safe and successful Bike Week campaign, I for one am counting the days!”


Noel Johnston, Clerk of the Course at the Ulster Grand Prix added: “Metzeler have been a terrific event partner, there’s no doubt that their commitment and passion have contributed to our ability to grow our audience on a worldwide level.


“We’d like to thank them for their contribution to the event, and look forward to building on our partnership in the years to come.”

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