New clinic at Ulster Grand Prix House a ‘gamechanger’ for those in chronic pain


The Ulster Grand Prix David Wood House in Dundrod is now home to a weekly clinic for those affected by chronic pain.

Dr Shane Murnaghan, whose main practice is in Dublin, has been treating local motorcycle racers including Glenn Irwin and Stephen Thompson with his innovational ‘GRAVITY’ treatment, which is designed to unwind strain and reduce pain.

Such was the demand for the treatment from people travelling from Northern Ireland, that he made the decision to establish a regular clinic locally, now taking place every Thursday at David Wood House, situated at the top of the MCE Ulster Grand Prix paddock.

He said: “The treatment I’m offering isn’t just for road racers, it’s for anyone living with chronic pain. Often my patients have all but given up hope of any relief when they come to me, which is just not an acceptable situation.

For me, improvement is nearly always possible. The body is capable of incredible natural recovery. 100% natural, my GRAVITY system, gives the right signals and help, people often achieve huge recovery, and reduction of pain. We have a very low failure rate with patients. So there’s new hope and I’m proud to be a part of seeing people happier and out of pain.

I created GRAVITY when I was in severe pain myself, barely able to walk more than 100 yards after an accident. I couldn’t accept that nothing could be done about it and used my background as a spinal pain doctor to research and create a system I believed would make a difference. That system is now an international business for me, but as a biker my heart belongs in Ireland helping people and racers alike.”

Gravity is a biomechanical device that accelerates recovery from muscular pain and spinal imbalance and in the last three years since we began to offer the treatment, the results have been incredible.

Unfortunately prescriptions are all too often seen as the only solution to pain. I want to help as many people as possible to realise that it’s not the only answer. We focus on getting results and not just identifying causes. The main cause of pain is not being able to fix it. Let’s see it right, reasons or results, reasons don’t count.

It’s not just for back injuries, GRAVITY can also increase balanced walking ability, reduce migraine headaches and restlessness, and aid faster recovery from exhaustion. Maybe it sounds too good to be true, but try it for yourself before making your mind up. It’s been a bit of a gamechanger for the vast majority of people I’ve treated,” added Dr Murnaghan.

Ken Stewart, Secretary of Dundrod & District Motorcycle Club said: “We are only too happy to offer the use of David Wood House for Dr Murnaghan’s Thursday clinics.

Not only is he making a difference to the pain management of some of our local riders, but he’s also helped one of our own club members. We hope that it’ll become a resource for the community, and we’ll support and promote the service as much as we can to those who need it,” he added.

For more information on The Murnaghan Clinic and GRAVITY, visit


New clinic at Ulster Grand Prix House a ‘gamechanger’ for those in chronic pain. Pictured L-R: Local rider Glenn Irwin and Dr Shane Murnaghan.
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