Noel’s Blog 20.08.13

Well folks, only 51 weeks to go to the 2014 Metzler Ulster Grand Prix, and I can feel the excitement building already after Saturday’s epic showpiece!

Despite all odds, a full race programme ran on Saturday which just made my week, it’s for that reason that I do what I do. I must say Saturday’s racing more than made up for the lows of Thursday’s disappointing washout.

I feel for the National guys that didn’t get a race on Thursday and unfortunately will have to wait until next year for their UGP fix. It was an easy call on Thursday to cancel proceedings; racing or further practice was not an option as we had standing water in various places around the course.

I would like to say a big thank you to the true UGP supporters that came out on Saturday morning when conditions were still dodgy, whilst others doubted whether there would be racing at all.

It was great to see Ian Lougher get his 18th win, and also in contention for the podium in two other races, what a legend. We all wish him well on his retirement and hope to see him back at Dundrod next year.

The race of the day seemed to be the Around a Pound Supersport race 2, won by Willy D, the crowd were on their feet at the Grandstand as he passed Bruce on the approach to the finishing line.

The word on everyone’s lips last week was the need for a more flexible road closure, which is a must if we want these international events to survive. There is so much work and expense goes into staging an event like the Metzeler Ulster Grand Prix that it is no longer acceptable to do this under the current road closing order.

This has gone out to public consultation and closes on 7th Oct so I call on all road race fans to show your support by going to

Finally I want to round off by saying thank you to everyone who made this year happen.

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