Plant Lubrication (NI)

Plant Lubrication (Nl) Established 1974
Lisburn-based company Plant Lubrication (Nl) has teamed up with the 2014 Metzeler Ulster Grand Prix as the official race sponsor of the Dundrod 150. The company has for most of its life distributed TOTAL and VALVOLINE premium quality lubricants throughout Northern lreland and the association of the VALVOLINE PADGETT racing team gives a tremendous opportunity to promote our business to our customers. 

Alan McCaffrey from Plant Lubrication (Nl) said: “In our 40th year in operation we really wanted to celebrate by supporting the Metzeler Ulster Grand Prix. Situated locally to this huge intemational event we want to show Plant Lubrication (Nl) Ltd involvement and pledge our support to the future of the UGP. We proudly sponsor the Dundrod 150 and wish everyone a safe and successful event.”

From their headquarters in Balinderry Upper, Lisburn, the company, as the name suggests was originally principally involved in supplying the construction and quarrying industry and is now regarded as a leading supplier of lubricants to all sectors of industry including the motor,motorcycle and agricultural trade, and they saw the Metzeler Ulster Grand Prix as a great opportunity to mark four decades in business.

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