Back in Control

The Dundrod and District Motor cycle Club welcome back club member Valerie Crichton following her recent surgery. Valerie, a popular personality in the pits and ‘the voice’ of the race control team, returns to the Ulster Grand Prix having had a kidney transplant earlier this year.

Valerie received her kidney from a living donor, her daughter Rhonda, and is pleased to report that Rhonda is also in good health. Valerie is looking forward to the Ulster Grand Prix commenting,” I can’t wait to get back to race control, working with Noel and the team at Dundrod. It will be great to meet and greet all the familiar faces again.

Before her transplant Valerie had to have dialysis three days a week and spent a lot of time in hospital. ” Having a transplant has transformed my life and I would like to thank Rhonda, my family and my friends in the motor cycling world for all their help and support.”

Valerie would encourage everyone to join the donor register stating, “I can’t emphasise enough how important it is that people join the organ donation register. Having a transplant has given me the chance to lead a normal life.”

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